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Soft launch vs. hard launch: taking a new product to market

Posted by John Stoddart   In product development, you can adopt two different approaches when it finally comes to taking a product to market: soft launch or hard launch. Soft launch is when you take a limited approach to your launch. This could be limited by geography, by technical specification or, most likely, by the selection…

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Sell or Build: What a SaaS Entrepreneur Needs to Focus on

Posted by John Stoddart   As the owner / developer of a SaaS B2B solution you are faced with what is, essentially, a financial dilemma.  What should you prioritise first: building out your product (spending money) or finding early beta customers to sell it to (making money)?  Unless you are independently wealthy and have endless finance…

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Plan your early-stage Channel Strategy

Posted by Matt Ball Channels, when “done right”, can help enormously in super-charging sales and expanding your delivery capacity, but planning your channel shouldn’t necessarily wait until you have your first 100 customers live and a fully documented offering complete with APIs and SDKs. It’s never too early to Channel Channel is often considered the preserve…

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5 go-to-market steps from Series A to Series B investment

Posted by Matt Ball Achieving product market fit is the initial target of every seed funded company. With that in place – and a successful Series A under their belt – their thoughts turn to go-to-market and proving the ability to replicate product market fit, through a repeatable sales strategy. And for many this is where…

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