Zip is a leading player in the high growth, interest-free, Buy-Now-Pay-Later Payment Provider market, for both online and in-store use cases. With a 90% adoption rate within the APAC region, today in the UK only 5-10% of brands and retailers offer BNPL. This is anticipated to grow to 50% market penetration within the next 12-18 months.

Merchants that offer a BNPL option to their consumers typically achieve the following within a matter of weeks:

  • 30-60% increase in AOV
  • Sales conversion rates on average increased 10-15%
  • A reduction in cart abandonment of between 10-20%
  • Increased flow through to cart
  • Increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases

ChannelCreator has been tasked with establishing and activating the Zip channel in the UK market, including forging strong integrations and relationship with eCommerce platforms and their SI implementation partners.


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