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Accelerating Account List Creation to Target Your ICP

By Matt Ball

Unit One specialises in staff augmentation, software development, business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT services, and has designated 2022 as the year for landing and expanding in Europe, with UK as its launchpad. Unit One works with high tech manufacturers and software companies such as Nvidia, HP, and eBay in training AI algorithms, image, video and data tagging and enrichment, and in development of enterprise software solutions.

Unit One is based in Palestine, where as one of the most respected employers in the market the business enjoys exceptional levels of staff retention and satisfaction. To crack the UK market, Unit One selected ChannelCreator, and spent the first two weeks of 2022 workshopping its Go To Market Strategy and Plan.

In order to maximise effectiveness of its LinkedIn outreach efforts, Unit One refined its Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with ChannelCreator to focus on businesses with more than 50 employees, challenges with staff retention and churn, and a CSR charter ideally focused on international development. You can read more about how this ‘ICP’ was developed here

Within a week, Unit One’s expert market research team prepared a target list of 100 ‘high propensity’ accounts that fit the ICP perfectly, and then scored and ranked these accounts in accordance with ChannelCreator’s recommendations. The two companies have since collaborated in a Hybrid ‘Do It With You’ format campaign to generate leads and interest in Unit One’s services via LinkedIn.

Within one quarter, Unit One is ready to proceed with its first ‘proof of concept’ projects in the UK market. Unit One and ChannelCreator are now expanding their outreach activities to address retail and ESG markets using the same model.

As a result of the successful collaboration on ICP target lists, ChannelCreator’s Head of Insight will now be working with Unit One as a preferred provider of research services, list building and refinement of target lists, alongside ChannelCreator’s preferred EU data provider, Hit Horizons.

ChannelCreator will be using Unit One for its forthcoming projects, and also recommending Unit One as a service provider to prospects and customers that attend ChannelCreator’s highly-regarded GTM Clinics.

If you’d like to learn more about Unit One or ChannelCreator, simply click on the company name for more details.

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