The ChannelCreator team has evolved and grown through a desire to foster entrepreneurship. All of our associates have extensive experience in software and channel sales, and each has their own projects and passions running alongside their ChannelCreator contract(s). 

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, they have chosen to step back from a single, full-time sales role in order to pursue these projects. Their work with ChannelCreator’s clients enables them to devote some time to these passions while continuing to use their expertise and network for the benefit of our clients.

We believe that this approach is sustainable and benefits everyone

  • Our associates genuinely care about the success of their contracts, as they support the fulfilment of their passions
  • ChannelCreator benefits from this enthusiasm while gaining the experience, network and dedicated approach of a genuine entrepreneur
  • Our clients benefit from a like-minded representative who’s capable of articulating their proposition, understands its context and has the experience to know where it will fit into the market

Sales Pod

Alongside their direct associate(s), all ChannelCreator clients profit from the involvement of the entire team. We function as a sales pod: a close-knit group of entrepreneurs who deliver on every ChannelCreator contract, pooling our knowledge and network to ensure clarity and success for all involved.

Our approach is based on transparency, trust and professionalism, and our testimonials prove that it works.

Our current team is outlined below. If you’re a sales professional and you think ChannelCreator might be a good fit for you then please get in touch here


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