Sacrifice Costs: the Price of Waiting

Posted by John Stoddart Something mildly technical this time round. We’re going to talk about sacrifice costs, which are the incremental costs of delaying a decision to do something different. Typically, that would be the costs associated with delaying implementing a new IT system.   Best explained by example: If, for example, a company were considering…

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Sales velocity is critical

Posted by John Stoddart Quite simply, the most important sales factor is volume. Volume of sales in unit and value terms. But there are other important factors and we’re looking at one of them here. Another important factor in the sales process is sales velocity. That is moving suspects to prospects to clients in the shortest…

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Soft launch vs. hard launch: taking a new product to market

Posted by John Stoddart   In product development, you can adopt two different approaches when it finally comes to taking a product to market: soft launch or hard launch. Soft launch is when you take a limited approach to your launch. This could be limited by geography, by technical specification or, most likely, by the selection…

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Sell or Build: What a SaaS Entrepreneur Needs to Focus on

Posted by John Stoddart   As the owner / developer of a SaaS B2B solution you are faced with what is, essentially, a financial dilemma.  What should you prioritise first: building out your product (spending money) or finding early beta customers to sell it to (making money)?  Unless you are independently wealthy and have endless finance…

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Plan your early-stage Channel Strategy

Posted by Matt Ball Channels, when “done right”, can help enormously in super-charging sales and expanding your delivery capacity, but planning your channel shouldn’t necessarily wait until you have your first 100 customers live and a fully documented offering complete with APIs and SDKs. It’s never too early to Channel Channel is often considered the preserve…

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5 go-to-market steps from Series A to Series B investment

Posted by Matt Ball Achieving product market fit is the initial target of every seed funded company. With that in place – and a successful Series A under their belt – their thoughts turn to go-to-market and proving the ability to replicate product market fit, through a repeatable sales strategy. And for many this is where…

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