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How to Accelerate European Market Entry with better B2B Data

By Matt Ball

HitHorizons spends much of its time working with fast-growing technology companies, looking for high quality B2B data to support their expansion in the European market. HitHorizons provides them with a powerful B2B lead generation tool that facilitates creation of lists of companies in Europe, empowering business development teams with the right sales and marketing data to grow their businesses.

Since HitHorizons is itself a fast-growing technology company, it was a natural choice for the business to “eat its own dog food”! In other words, to use HitHorizons sales and marketing data to accelerate international expansion. For its UK market entry, HitHorizons teamed up with ChannelCreator, a provider of European sales for B2B software companies.

To get HitHorizons ready for this part of its European market expansion, ChannelCreator:
  1. Prepared a Go To Market (GTM) strategy
  2. Produced an updated Partner Program for referrers and implementers
  3. Defined the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for the HitHorizons’ B2B lead generation tool
  4. Drafted a cadence of messages to be sent via LinkedIn
  5. Researched a target list of prospects that met the ICP
  6. Created an audience of decision makers within these prospects on LinkedIn, and commenced outreach

Thanks to the quality of HitHorizons B2B data and the breadth of the European company database (which also includes the UK), the team was able to produce a list of target accounts that met the ICP within an hour! Using the HitHorizons export to CSV feature, this data was passed to ChannelCreator’s Head of Insight, who then worked with ChannelCreator researchers to enrich HitHorizons’ B2B data with:

  1. Company growth metrics from LinkedIn, and
  2. The level of international maturity of each business from cues on their websites (multiple languages, evidence of international partners etc.)

The resultant sales and marketing data was handed over to ChannelCreator’s Head of Demand within a week, enabling the creation of the audience of 400 decision makers in LinkedIn in record time. The whole process from starting the Go To Market planning through to commencement of outreach took less than 3 weeks, and all of this was as a result of the richness of HitHorizons’ European company database, combined with ChannelCreator’s proven and well-structured “Validate” service for new market entry.

If you’d like to learn more about HitHorizons or ChannelCreator, simply click on the company name for more details.

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