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Entreprenör was set up in 2017 when the Founder saw a gap in the market to service companies that were looking at a truly handholding service when navigating entering a new territory – specifically the UK. Once the decision to establish a foothold is taken, the practical aspects of getting fully compliant can seem daunting.

Entreprenör takes care of everything, from setting up the company, to putting in place all the requisite tax registration, insurances and day-to day processes. This is complemented with ongoing relevant operational services, from pre-revenue startups to larger well-established companies, they work with companies of all sizes and across industries.

What they do:

  • Private limited companies and other business registrations
  • Corporation, VAT and Payroll tax registrations
  • Financial service administration – Bookkeeping
  • Corporate legal and other compliance – EIS and SEIS registrations and admin
  • HR & employment services
  • Data Protection Compliance
  • Insurances
  • Sponsorship Licenses

How they do it:

Entreprenör’s mission is to ensure that companies are able to focus on their objectives and aren’t deterred by any local regulatory compliance issues. Their team provides a full one-stop service with advice on company set-ups and legal frameworks, employment and payroll issues, together with ongoing book-keeping and financial administration support. The use of an outsourcing model allows you to concentrate on your strategy and growth, removing the need for you to hire your own resources.

  • In-depth consultation
  • Hands-on day-to-day support
  • Weekly and monthly agreed processes to ensure accurate reporting
  • Transparent pricing model
  • Fixed fees, as well as project-based services

Whether you want to start small or launch your operations with full-scale support, Entreprenör customises their service package to suit your needs.

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