Full-Cycle Sales, Business Development, Alliance, and Advisory Services

In 2015, I launched GrowthXceleration. I recognized that international software and technology companies frequently sold remotely, had many unqualified leads at the top of their funnel, with no steps to close.  Staffing full-time sales was expensive and inflexible.  Through GrowthXceleration, our clients could leverage a cost-effective, flexible, and proven sales service that would sell with their team, fully integrated with existing processes, and in relatively short order, produce qualified and funded pipeline, proposals, and closed sales, and GTM partnerships. In 2023, GrowthXceleration was recognized as a Top US Sales Agency.

Our process includes:

  • Territory Analysis and Planning and Execution
    • Segment the US market by:
      • Industry
      • Regions
      • Company Size, Profile
      • Roles and Responsibilities – Titles, Interests, Experience,
      • Key Competitors – Leaders Laggers
  • Build The Prospecting Database
    • Collaborate on Messaging
    • Focus on The Need, The Solution, and The Offer
  • Build and Test the Alliance, Distributions Strategy and Execution
    • GTM Partnerships
    • Sell Through (White Label)
    • Distribution Partners
    • Global Strategic Partnership
  • Prospecting at Scale – Analysis, Value Proposition, Prospecting, Qualification, Close, Expand
    • Within the 1st 30 Days we will build and kick-off a North America prospect plan with us creating
      • Specific Messaging for The Right Buying Personas
      • Putting a “Fine Point” on the Value Proposition – What the solution delivers and why it matters.
    • Qualification
      • We stay focused on identifying and closing Funded Opportunities
      • Each Opportunity is fully analyzed and assessed using Miller Heiman “Blue Sheet”


  • Proposals The Close
    • We seek to partner with our clients – We earn the business and ensure the project exceeds expectations.
    • Because we are local, we propose with optionality. Our proposals
  • Integrated With Your Team
    • Weekly Activity Reports and Sales Updates – A weekly call to provide a status report that includes planned and accomplished meetings, business development activities, proposals delivered and revenue forecast.
    • Detailed Monthly Status – Detailed activity and progress reports are

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