Hex is an experience design agency that helps impact-led teams meet their missions more quickly. Research, strategy and design to craft new – and transform existing – software that delivers growth. Their evidence-guided approach has helped pioneers such as Too Good to Go, BirdLife International, Nordoff & Robbins, Whirli, Harvard University and the Wellcome Trust to substantially improve outcomes delivered by their digital platforms.

How they can help

The success of your websites and digital products hinges on:

  • Validation for genuine user need
  • Alignment on model, brand and messaging
  • Optimal user journeys and conversion paths
  • Excellent technical performance

Hex Digital’s end-to-end experience design approach makes you win at all four. If you need to create a new brand, marketing website or digital product – or transform what you already have – they can increase your chances of success.

Hex believe in delivering value from day one.
No drawn out discovery. No telling them everything twice.
They get to grips with your business immediately and collaborate with you on the best approach for your challenge.
They assemble the right team with the right skillsets, working in the right methodology to get you to the next level as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Their clients choose them – and stick with them – because of their smart, friendly team who are as dedicated to creating as positive a client experience as possible as they are to achieving great results.

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