K1 Channel Consulting is a channel consulting business specialising in rapid accelerators across channel sales, partner program build, and deploy, partner recruitment (as a service). 

K1 has a network of over 60,000 business partners across global markets which assists you to fast track the growth of your channel. They also have PRM solutions as well as channel intelligence, and video campaign management for large and small channel ecosystems.

Accelerate Your Partner Recruitment with K1 Channel Consulting

K1 with the partner recruitment (as a service) solution will work with you to define your ideal partner profile, partner value proposition and messaging and with our advanced recruitment campaign outreach program we will bring back to you partners that want to have a conversation about your business and partner program across United Kingdom, Europe, EMEA, North America and APAC markets. 

The K1 model swiftly provides you with tangible growth and sustainable revenues while gaining you market trust and associated endorsement.

Why K1 Channel Consulting?

K1’s suite of advisory and delivery services combined with their unique partner recruitment and management services are designed to provide immediate impact, enabling your go-to-market partnership strategy and building your channel partner ecosystem fast and more efficiently.

They also partner with some of the world’s leading channel innovation companies, providing channel intelligence data to large ecosystems, as well as video campaign management. This combination accelerates the ability for large ecosystems to accelerate product and services enablement, partner marketing campaigns and capture partner marketing content faster than ever before.

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