Fast growth European SAAS companies struggle to balance costs and maintain an exceptional customer experience. As a customer focussed outsourcing partner Talkr allows these companies to expand quickly whilst continuing to retain their customer base and protect revenues. 

With a unique mix of customer support consultancy plus people this allows Talkr’s clients to feel safe knowing that they are getting all the benefits that outsourcing provides alongside the foundations and strategy for providing continued exceptional customer support.

Talkr clients benefit from:

  • 15+ years expertise building successful, scalable and forward thinking outsourced customer support
  • Low employee turnover through a focus on engagement and satisfaction
  • Access to a database of proven customer support professionals enabling the hiring of great candidates quickly
  • Knowledge and experience using the latest customer support technologies that are right for your business

Talkr clients avoid:

  • Leaving their customers frustrated as they grow
  • Time and expense in finding great candidates
  • The burden of more admin, HR and payroll

Talkr is not a traditional outsourcing company.

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